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Jessie Davis, London Terror and iPhone

Today was a VERY long day and I didn’t have the ability to get online for most of it. There are a few things I would like to touch on before heading off to bed…

1st – Jessie Davis –

kELLEY made a comment in one of the posts:


I was unaware that bail was set for Bobby Cutts and that is, indeed, the case. kELLEY’s question on bail was set so high made me wonder how such a number is determined. From

Bail Hearing – As soon as possible following the indictment, the defendent should receive a formal bail hearing. A tentative bail is set by the judge on the arrest warrant; this gives the defendent an opportunity to contest the bail that is set while he or she awaits trial. To determine bail for a particular suspect, the judge takes into account

  • Past criminal record
  • Gravity of current charge(s)
  • Flight risk
  • Financial Situation

If the defendent poses little flight risk and the charges are not serious, the judge might release him or her ROR, (Released on Own Recognizance). This means that the defendent is not required to pay bail; the court feels that it is likely that he or she will return to stand trial. In the gravest cases, the judge might refuse bail, thereby forcing the defendent to await trial in jail

Every case is different – in this case, it seems as if the judge felt this number as appropriate.

2nd- R: London Terror

London was on alert after two bombs were found. I haven’t had a chance to read up fully on the situation, but there is a LOT of good coverage on the topic out there that I plan on reading tomorrow:

Hot Air as a LONG wrap-up with several updates
The Pirate’s Cove
Webloggin has great coverage as well – including maps
Dave in Texas
Flapsblog has an amazing amount of detail on the event

This just goes to remind us that it truly is a different world…

3rd – RE: iPhone

In case you missed it, the iPhone came out today…. no, I did not get one.

4th, and final, RE- Comment by B on Jessie Davis

“B” had an outstanding comment to Mindy on the Jessie Davis story, as well as kept me in line with a point I was making – this is the email I sent to “B”

I just wanted to say you had an outstanding comments post at the site
today (I was away almost all day and I didn’t see it until now).
Also, thanks for questioning me on what Mindy said – I was referring
to the “cop” aspect of her comment, not that race was the cause.

Thanks for the feedback and input, I truly appreciate it.

Thanks for the posts, B, as well as keeping me honest!


Jessie Davis and Cutts murder – Interracial sex cause for the attention? I call Bullshit on

Last evening I found a very interesting post over at providing an alternative view on what the Jessie Davis/Bobby Cutts murder story – all the media attention is directly related to Interracial sex. What?!?

Before we even look at why she claims this to be the true cause for the attention, let us take a look at Rachel’s background. From her about section:

“Rachel is a sociology professor who lives and blogs in the New York City metro area. Her research and teaching focus on race, African American Studies, gender, sexuality, and popular culture.

I bring this up so we understand where Rachel is coming from when she makes her statements. That said, let’s take a look at why she says this is about interracial sex.

Rachel wanted to see what people were thinking, and this is where she make her very first substantial comment case:

“I went around to a few blogs, and I visited AOL Blackvoices and a couple white supremacist message boards to see what they were saying, and quite frankly it was horrible….I can’t tell you how many racist and misogynistic comments I read; and not surprisingly the white supremacists were giddy over this case.”

So wait, were you looking for a general view of what society was thinking about this murder investigation or were you looking for the most extreme opinions of what the fringe of society was thinking? I mean, did you truly expect to see white supremacists says anything less than happy about this?

How many expected mother websites did you visit to see their reactions? How many forums focused on Grandmothers did you visit? How many law enforcement forums did you visit? Were they all saying the victim was “white trash”? Better yet, did you look at any Media blogs or forums, and if so, how many of them were talking about it as an interracial sex issue?

The piece of evidence she points out is the Christopher Vaughn murder story (which I spoke about a few days back). While the case was equally graphic and disturbing, it hardly had any coverage in the nation media. And this where Rachel makes her claim:

“I agree that white women victims get much more attention than Black, Asian, Latino, and American Indian women, and I agree that race is a big factor in the media attention the case has gotten, but I would be more specific than Terrence. It’s about interracial sex.”

Again, wait, what?

She then goes one to say:

“Interracial crimes make big sensational news stories, but crimes that involve interracial sexuality arouse the deepest passions of American bigotry. The OJ Simpson case, the Duke Rape, the Kobe Bryant rape case, and now this one–they all have tremendous sexual overtones.”

So, the OJ Simpson was given the attention because of interracial sex? Not the fact that a former Football superstar was involved? Not the fact that the crime was so severe? Not because the actual trial became a circus?

The Duke rape case was about interracial sex? You mean the attention wasn’t due to the fact that the case involved a major, and well respected, institution of higher learning or because of a sports team? You mean that it wasn’t because a number of people allegedly involved in the crime? You mean that it wasn’t because of the politics of the prosecutor?

Also, the Kobe Bryant case didn’t get the attention because he is a superstar or because he tried to hid the event? You mean it wasn’t because of the infidelity he committed?

Nope, according to Rachel – these all got the attention because of the interracial sex.

This is where things get really interesting. Rachel points to her own website, and it’s traffic, as proof that society is obsessed with race and sex. You know what, that very well may be the case. We me be obsessed with it, we may be obsessed with race and sex but that does not mean we are obsessed with both topics concurrently.

She then goes to show some of the searches ran on her site:

  • black men impregnating white women stories
  • savages on blondes
  • Biracial family pictures black and white
  • Black men breeding white girls
  • black negro slave woman naked pictures
  • black women with white men in adult movies
  • differences between white and black women’s breasts
  • blacks in bed sexing
  • george lucas in love black women
  • how do you feel about interracial relationship

So, as you already established you are researcher and teacher who focuses on race, African American Studies, gender, sexuality, and popular culture. You run a website that focuses on these very same topics. What kind of searches did you expect to have? Did you expect people looking for information on the rain in Texas or the wildfires out west? No, you are going to get searches that relate to the topic on your site!

The search request that are more sexual, that is to say “blacks in bed sexing” are, most likely, people who came to your site thinking it was a porn site and wanted to find things that related to their fetish.

Here is why the case received so much attention – the son. The impact of the comments he made to his grandmother “Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy’s in rug.”

This is the comment that was said over and over and over. The news pounded this into our heads from the very beginning and was closely followed by the fact that the woman was pregnant and was due any day. The ex-boyfriend wasn’t a suspect in the beginning and wasn’t even mentioned until several days later.

What I think we have here is some who is too close to a topic – someone who can no longer see the forest from the trees – and is drawing a conclusion based on her biased opinion.

For the record, my very first reaction was “it’s Lacey Peterson all over again”. I *NEVER* thought about this topic being a racial issue until I read Rachel’s view.

Jessie Davis and Bobby Cutts – all the attention is about interracial sex?

Time for you to take a moment and read this post, it’s a very interesting take on the attention the Jessie Davis murder case is receiving.

Why do you deny it?

It’s a warm, muggy, evening and after hours of talking your hand finds its way to my leg. You slowly move your hand in a playful and sensual manner. You know exactly what you are doing, and you are doing it well. As we continue to talk, my hand finds you arm. I slowly run the tips of my fingers up and down your skin, barely touching you but touching you none the less. I, too, know exactly what I am doing.

There is an unspoken sexual tension in the air as we continue to talking, flirt and gently touch each other. Then, without any warning, you slowly move toward me and kiss me. From there you get on top of me, and I can feel the warmth of your body close to mine as we are sitting on the couch by the candle light. Our lips touch ever so lightly.

With the same lack of warning, you slide off my lap onto the couch and take off your shorts to unveil one of the most attractive bodies I’ve ever seen. Your cute shaved pussy is so wet that, as you go to sit up, it leaves a mark on the couch. Seemingly, in one motion, as you take off your shorts you are taking mine off too. I ask what are you doing, and you say “You know exactly what”.

As we lay down, our bodies sweaty from humidity and excitement, you pull me closer and guide me into you. I look down at you and ask if we should do this. You teasingly say “What do you mean” with a sly smile on your face and you pull me closer. We continue to have sex until you cum and then we fuck again, but this time you get on top of me so that you may be in control.

After our second session, I suggest that, maybe, we shouldn’t spend the night together. You get off my lap and take me by the hand to the bedroom where you throw me down on the bed and do whatever you desire at that very moment – but you do it very slowly. Finally, after our fifth session of the evening we fall asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I wake up before the alarm goes of – you are sleeping next to me and you look like an angle that just had its wings feel the warmth of the sun for the first time. I decide to be your alarm clock and slowly begin kissing your entire body. You laugh, moan, smile and pull me close to you… we fuck for almost an hour before we start the day.

I get up, prepare for the day, walk over to you and I whisper into your ear “I can’t wait until we next meet” and you reply “It won’t be soon enough.” I kiss you goodbye and wish you a good day. You smiles, says thank you, and go back to bed… and that is the last I ever hear from you. She never returns my calls, never returns my emails. We both know it happened, why do you deny it?

How’s that for a life experience?

Chris Benoit, some no talent hack, kills himself and takes his family with…

Like I said yesterday, I don’t understand what would drive someone to kill another person. It really blows my mind. Well, there is another semi-high profile case. It came out that Chris Benoit, some person I never heard of but apparently was famous; killed his wife and child.

Why not just kill yourself? Why do you have to take everyone with you? Suicide is selfish, but I get it. That I can understand. Taking the rest of your family with you isn’t only selfish, it’s cold blooded. Yes, maybe there was a psychological issue that he wasn’t addressing, but as I noted earlier, get some HELP.

Luckily, he didn’t kill the two children he had from a previous relationship.