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The fallacy of “Freedom of Speech”.

Here is a question – does freedom of speech truly exist, or is this a fallacy that has been propagated over the years? Mind you, I am not specifically talking about the First Amendment which states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The government already has shown that limitations exist on free speech such as in the case of Brandenburg v. Ohio which states, essentially that the government cannot restrict speech unless it is inciting and likely to incite imminent lawless action”. Also, as we’ve recently seen, the First Amendment does not cover obscene material either.

What I am talking about is the ability to say what is on your mind, in a public setting, without the entire nation calling you a racist. For example, Universities have the ability to restrict speech if racial, ethnic or sexual slurs are used and there are a number of cases where companies have fired individuals for blogging.

I understand that, in some cases, laws may have been broken (a blogger posted company secrets, a direct verbal or written attack may have been made) but what about someone who is just speaking their mind – even if you don’t like what is being said? What exactly does this mean for freedom of speech?

The truth of the matter is, I believe, is that we as free individuals should have the ability say whatever we want. We should have the ability to say nigger, boogey, jig, jiggaboo, skinhead, moylie, molignon, schvotza, jungle bunny, greaser, greaseball, dago, guinea, wop, ginzo, kyke, zebe, hebe, yid, mockey, himey, mick, donkey, turkey, limey, frog, zip, zipperhead, squarehead, kraut, hiney, geri, hun, slope, slopehead, chink, gook, bush nigger, cabbie, towel head, sand nigger, camel jockey, honkey, cracker, olive nig, beef curtain, goombah, twinkie, cupcake if we want to without automatically being called a racist by someone (or some organization).

These words, in and of themselves, mean nothing – they are just words. It’s the context of how the words are use, the emotion and experience(s) connected to the words and the individuals that hear them is what causes a problem.

It seems to me that society has become more sensitive over time (call it overly PC if you well), has selective hearing when it comes to certain things, and is ready to attempted to restrict you ability to say what you want at the drop of a hat.

One time I was out at dinner with some friends and I was telling a story about a how someone in my family was called a “spear chucker”. As the couple next to us got up to leave, the female came up to my table and said that I was a racist because of my use of “spear chucker” and that she was going to complain to the manager of the restaurant.

Subsequently, the manager came to our table asking us to pay our bill and leave because of our actions. I attempted to explain the situation but my story was falling on deaf ears – that is until my parents came, just by chance, to the same establishment. Once the manager looked at my family, he understood the situation and was extremely apologetic.

The woman who came up to the table didn’t hear the entire conversation (ie – selective hearing) but assumed that my actions and speech were inappropriate based on her beliefs and biases. I should have the ability to say anything without being penalized by society as long as I am not “inciting and likely to incite imminent lawless action.”

This is a muted example, but what about someone who is racist? What about someone who says zipperhead and means it when talking? The same should be true – they should have the ability to say it without being attacked by others.

Slowly, it seems as if those “rights” to express views are being modified and limited. Society has swung to the point where it is overly governing it’s own actions. We need to be careful because, eventually, this behavior or self-censorship will creep into other things. (like hunting, going to certain types of movies, certain places to eat – what have you) If one chooses to use this language, we as a people, need to recognize the actions for what they are – ignorant, uneducated, or insensitive.

We should let the actions of others reflect who they truly are and we, I feel, should not attempted to restrict them from being ignorant, uneducated or insensitive. We just need to recognize their right to freedom of speech… and then we need to recognize our right to think that they are assholes.


Jessie Davis and Bobby Cutts – all the attention is about interracial sex?

Time for you to take a moment and read this post, it’s a very interesting take on the attention the Jessie Davis murder case is receiving.

Relating to depression

If you no understanding of a topic, how are you going to relate to they topic?  Yes, one can do their best to explain what a TV is, how a person interacts with the TV, and the potential pleasure and pains that can come from owning a TV, but if you have NEVER had the ability to actually see a TV there is no way you can truly understand the experience.  The same can be said for many things, but this seems especially appropriate with sickness… like depression.

Depression, much like any experience, is different from person to person.  Some people claim that depression causes them to be unable to sleep, others say there is a physical “heaviness” that can be felt in the body, and many others claim to have a sense of hopelessness or dread.  In many cases, I’ have no doubt people experience these feelings in some combination and to varying degrees – along with many other sensations that I have even suggested.

I have close friends that were completely incapacitated by a bout with depress.  They couldn’t go to work or interact with people. Daily life and activities became such a pain such a bother that, at the very basic level, their only concern was how they were going to make it to the next hour.  Literally, they began to live life from hour to hour, situation to situation, in order to survive.

Listening to these individuals explain what they are feeling and hearing completely irrational thoughts from highly educated people is scary.  As you have conversations with someone afflicted with depression you begin to see that the person you are talking to is almost a shell of who they once were.  I can have sympathy for what they are going through, I can offer to assist in any way, but they have become someone different, if only for a time being.  They have become someone I cannot relate to… and that is the point.

If you haven’t experienced it first hand, for yourself, you cannot truly say what the experience is.  And, if you can talk about the experience first hand you should not pass judgment on the condition.

Why do you deny it?

It’s a warm, muggy, evening and after hours of talking your hand finds its way to my leg. You slowly move your hand in a playful and sensual manner. You know exactly what you are doing, and you are doing it well. As we continue to talk, my hand finds you arm. I slowly run the tips of my fingers up and down your skin, barely touching you but touching you none the less. I, too, know exactly what I am doing.

There is an unspoken sexual tension in the air as we continue to talking, flirt and gently touch each other. Then, without any warning, you slowly move toward me and kiss me. From there you get on top of me, and I can feel the warmth of your body close to mine as we are sitting on the couch by the candle light. Our lips touch ever so lightly.

With the same lack of warning, you slide off my lap onto the couch and take off your shorts to unveil one of the most attractive bodies I’ve ever seen. Your cute shaved pussy is so wet that, as you go to sit up, it leaves a mark on the couch. Seemingly, in one motion, as you take off your shorts you are taking mine off too. I ask what are you doing, and you say “You know exactly what”.

As we lay down, our bodies sweaty from humidity and excitement, you pull me closer and guide me into you. I look down at you and ask if we should do this. You teasingly say “What do you mean” with a sly smile on your face and you pull me closer. We continue to have sex until you cum and then we fuck again, but this time you get on top of me so that you may be in control.

After our second session, I suggest that, maybe, we shouldn’t spend the night together. You get off my lap and take me by the hand to the bedroom where you throw me down on the bed and do whatever you desire at that very moment – but you do it very slowly. Finally, after our fifth session of the evening we fall asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I wake up before the alarm goes of – you are sleeping next to me and you look like an angle that just had its wings feel the warmth of the sun for the first time. I decide to be your alarm clock and slowly begin kissing your entire body. You laugh, moan, smile and pull me close to you… we fuck for almost an hour before we start the day.

I get up, prepare for the day, walk over to you and I whisper into your ear “I can’t wait until we next meet” and you reply “It won’t be soon enough.” I kiss you goodbye and wish you a good day. You smiles, says thank you, and go back to bed… and that is the last I ever hear from you. She never returns my calls, never returns my emails. We both know it happened, why do you deny it?

How’s that for a life experience?

Chris Benoit, some no talent hack, kills himself and takes his family with…

Like I said yesterday, I don’t understand what would drive someone to kill another person. It really blows my mind. Well, there is another semi-high profile case. It came out that Chris Benoit, some person I never heard of but apparently was famous; killed his wife and child.

Why not just kill yourself? Why do you have to take everyone with you? Suicide is selfish, but I get it. That I can understand. Taking the rest of your family with you isn’t only selfish, it’s cold blooded. Yes, maybe there was a psychological issue that he wasn’t addressing, but as I noted earlier, get some HELP.

Luckily, he didn’t kill the two children he had from a previous relationship.