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Breaking News – London Bombing

After finishing a movie, I just happened to turn on the news to find out that there was a bombing in London – specifically at the Glasgow Airport.

I am only doing a news post, as there is plenty of good coverage out there right now (and I couldn’t even being to do it justice) :

Glasgow attacked in airport terror strike

Glasgow Attack Seen Tied to London Bombs

The Hunt for Terrorists

Hot Air coverage number one, number two, and number three

Ace of Spades Coverage

Sky News – Be United, Resolute and Strong

ABC News – Flaming SUV Rams airport, 4 arrested

Good pix and video over at Flaps


Thanks to Hot Air for the top-notch coverage. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of the U.K., I hope it doesn’t get worse in the coming hours.


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  1. * Alasdair says:

    Hello Salvia,

    Interesting post, however, just thought i’d highlight something … Glasgow Airport isn’t in London, it isn’t even in England. It’s 413 miles away in Scotland, in fact it’s in Paisley … Scotland’s largest Town.

    I’m glad it’s not a news story you’re doing, enough people think Scotland is part of England as it is without this drivel.

    Scotland is a country in it’s own right. The UK has more than one city.

    Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, this sort of inaccuracy riles me somewhat 😉

    | Reply Posted 11 years, 6 months ago

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