My Internal Dialog by Salvia

Why do you deny it?

It’s a warm, muggy, evening and after hours of talking your hand finds its way to my leg. You slowly move your hand in a playful and sensual manner. You know exactly what you are doing, and you are doing it well. As we continue to talk, my hand finds you arm. I slowly run the tips of my fingers up and down your skin, barely touching you but touching you none the less. I, too, know exactly what I am doing.

There is an unspoken sexual tension in the air as we continue to talking, flirt and gently touch each other. Then, without any warning, you slowly move toward me and kiss me. From there you get on top of me, and I can feel the warmth of your body close to mine as we are sitting on the couch by the candle light. Our lips touch ever so lightly.

With the same lack of warning, you slide off my lap onto the couch and take off your shorts to unveil one of the most attractive bodies I’ve ever seen. Your cute shaved pussy is so wet that, as you go to sit up, it leaves a mark on the couch. Seemingly, in one motion, as you take off your shorts you are taking mine off too. I ask what are you doing, and you say “You know exactly what”.

As we lay down, our bodies sweaty from humidity and excitement, you pull me closer and guide me into you. I look down at you and ask if we should do this. You teasingly say “What do you mean” with a sly smile on your face and you pull me closer. We continue to have sex until you cum and then we fuck again, but this time you get on top of me so that you may be in control.

After our second session, I suggest that, maybe, we shouldn’t spend the night together. You get off my lap and take me by the hand to the bedroom where you throw me down on the bed and do whatever you desire at that very moment – but you do it very slowly. Finally, after our fifth session of the evening we fall asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I wake up before the alarm goes of – you are sleeping next to me and you look like an angle that just had its wings feel the warmth of the sun for the first time. I decide to be your alarm clock and slowly begin kissing your entire body. You laugh, moan, smile and pull me close to you… we fuck for almost an hour before we start the day.

I get up, prepare for the day, walk over to you and I whisper into your ear “I can’t wait until we next meet” and you reply “It won’t be soon enough.” I kiss you goodbye and wish you a good day. You smiles, says thank you, and go back to bed… and that is the last I ever hear from you. She never returns my calls, never returns my emails. We both know it happened, why do you deny it?

How’s that for a life experience?


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