My Internal Dialog by Salvia

Relating to depression

If you no understanding of a topic, how are you going to relate to they topic?  Yes, one can do their best to explain what a TV is, how a person interacts with the TV, and the potential pleasure and pains that can come from owning a TV, but if you have NEVER had the ability to actually see a TV there is no way you can truly understand the experience.  The same can be said for many things, but this seems especially appropriate with sickness… like depression.

Depression, much like any experience, is different from person to person.  Some people claim that depression causes them to be unable to sleep, others say there is a physical “heaviness” that can be felt in the body, and many others claim to have a sense of hopelessness or dread.  In many cases, I’ have no doubt people experience these feelings in some combination and to varying degrees – along with many other sensations that I have even suggested.

I have close friends that were completely incapacitated by a bout with depress.  They couldn’t go to work or interact with people. Daily life and activities became such a pain such a bother that, at the very basic level, their only concern was how they were going to make it to the next hour.  Literally, they began to live life from hour to hour, situation to situation, in order to survive.

Listening to these individuals explain what they are feeling and hearing completely irrational thoughts from highly educated people is scary.  As you have conversations with someone afflicted with depression you begin to see that the person you are talking to is almost a shell of who they once were.  I can have sympathy for what they are going through, I can offer to assist in any way, but they have become someone different, if only for a time being.  They have become someone I cannot relate to… and that is the point.

If you haven’t experienced it first hand, for yourself, you cannot truly say what the experience is.  And, if you can talk about the experience first hand you should not pass judgment on the condition.


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  1. * cherished79 says:

    That’s why there is mental illness stigma.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago
  2. * myinternaldialog says:

    Very good point!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 12 months ago

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