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Iranian troops cross into southern Iraq?

Let me start off – this is not a political post, this just bothers me.


Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces have been spotted by British troops crossing the border into southern Iraq, The Sun tabloid reported on Tuesday….It is an extremely alarming development and raises the stakes considerably. In effect, it means we are in a full on war with Iran — but nobody has officially declared it.”


There has long been evidence that Iran is supplying insurgents in Iraq with weapons, and about a month ago they took British sailors prisoner, but this is the first I’ve read about Iran actually coming into Iraq. The mid-east is a mess and it looks like the United States is trying to engage Iran in some type of conflict, but will someone (with a level head on both sides) step in before the unthinkable happens?

I’m not saying let’s all hug, be friends and sit around the campfire. I know there is no such thing as world peace, but if the leaders of the world are not careful the whole world may be one giant campfire.

Update: Hot Air has a comment on this

“I’m suspicious that a story as potentially big as this is being leaked to a tabloid instead of one of the prestige papers”

Great point but scary none the less.

Update: Right Truth has an interesting take on the coverage of this topic. As does the Stout Republican.

Update #2: The Confederate Yankee questions the entire event and is looking for proof. So far, it sounds very… weak.

Yet another update (also know as update number 3) – Verum Serum talks about the topic and points out that we may already be at war with Iran.




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  1. * Debbie says:

    Thank you for the mention, as always. You are correct in believing this report. I have a VERY reliable source in theater who (off the record) confirms this information first hand, and is very concerned. This individual is the last person that would make something like this up, or pass on erroneous information. I hope to have permission to quote him soon. I do not have that permission at this point. I am leaving this same message for Verum Serum.

    Have a great evening.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  2. * myinternaldialog says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for the comment. PLEASE do keep my informed of any more information you get, I want to keep an eye on this situation as it has the potential to become the “spark in the barn” as it were.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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