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Geek Moment: iPhone services plans released

Apple has released the iPhone service plans. All I can say is Wow!

So, the plans starts $59.99 plan and gets you 450 minutes of air time, the $79.99 plan kicks that up to 900 minutes, and the $99.99 plan offers 1,350 minutes. The kicker is all plans have unlimited Data (web/email). Take a moment and think about that – that is an amazing offering all things considered.

Most phone companies charge an arm and a leg for data service. This is a major revenue stream for most providers, so I am shocked to see they are essentially giving it away. If you go and price out a normal phone (900 mins) w/ data package you’ll be paying around $105 per month (note – neither example includes taxes). So, one would save around $25 per month with this plan.

Note, however, that all plans start with 200 SMS per month. So, if you are a heavy txt sender, you’ll have to change your SMS package.

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