My Internal Dialog by Salvia

Geek Moment: AppleTV 160 Gig

I received my 160 gig AppleTV today. Oh, what? You didn’t know that Apple released a 160 gig system because you got lost in the hype of the upcoming iPhone? Well, yes, they did.

For those who are price conscious, pay attention: The 40 gig version still costs $299! The 160 gig only costs $399. Surprisingly Apple didn’t cut the price. I would think that such a close price point would eat into the sales of the 40 gig version, but what do I know. Point being, don’t skimp out – spend another $100 for 120 gig version, it’s worth it!

If you were wondering about what this really means for you, the user, well…this new configuration allows a person, in theory, to hold 200 hours of video, 36,000 songs, 25,000 photos or some magical combination of all three.


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