My Internal Dialog by Salvia

I don’t get it…

I mean… I try but I simply cannot understand what would drive one person to kill another.

There are two cases in the news within the last two weeks that specifically stand out to me. First, obviously, is the case of a pregnant woman in Ohio that was killed in her house by her ex-boyfriend. The second case, which wasn’t given too much nation attention, happened outside of Chicago when a man pulled off the side of the road and killed his Wife and three children.

With the case of the Ohio woman, the ex-boyfriend, who is also a copy, played the part of the concerned individual and was helping the hundreds of individual search for the victim. In the second case, the husband killed his wife and kids and then shot him self in order to make it look like he was the victim. But how could these people think they would get away with it – especially the Cop.

I try to put myself in their shoes… Maybe the Cop thought he could game the system. Maybe he thought, “hmmm, I know how these things work, I can simply use my knowledge to save me”. In the Chicago-land case maybe the individual thought the being shot would throw the investigators off. Really, who would shoot themselves?!?

Logic, to me, would dictate that forensics, ballistics, line of sight, DNA testing and potential witnesses would make the perpetrator an easy catch. Again, I don’t get it, but maybe that’s the point. I am making the assumption that these individuals were thinking with a “right” or logical mind.

Update: Bonnie’s Blog of Crime has a LOT of good information on this case and seems to be following it closely.



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  1. * Janscripts says:

    I think you got it…they were trying to blindly deal with issues, and ended up taking a wrong turn. It’s an aging truth that we live in a sinful world with crazy irrational acting people.

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago
  2. * myinternaldialog says:

    You know, this brings up a very good question… Are events like this more or less common? Hmmm… Time to do a little search – this will be a future topic.

    Thanks for stoppin by!

    | Reply Posted 11 years ago

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