My Internal Dialog by Salvia

Deadwood, John from Cincinnati and David Miltch

Between doing some photo editing and flash development last evening, I stumbled upon the pilot episode of Deadwood.  This is the first time I’ve had the chance to watch this episode in about a year and I was blown away all. 

After watching the pilot again I was shocked to see that this laid the groundwork for the next three years of TV viewing.  Everything was presented, and if you had watched the series, go back to re-watch the pilot just to see how developed the story was at this time.

Deadwood was one of my all time favorite dramas.  I thought the acting was superb, the writing should have been award winning and the attention to detail was amazing.  When the show was cancelled before it completed its run, simply due to the fact that it was costing roughly 5M to produce a single episode, I was crushed.  So, when word came out that David Miltch was bringing “John from Cincinnati” to HBO (as a cheaper alternative to Deadwood) I was very please to see an “alternative” was available.

As of now, I am unimpressed.  Highly unimpressed.  Supremely unimpressed.  Unimpressed beyond reproach… What’s going on?  Where is the story going?  Are people actually this dysfunctional?  Really, I am 100% unimpressed,  but I am still giving it a chance.  Why? Because when Deadwood first hit the air I was unimpressed.  The very first time I saw the pilot, I almost felt let down.  By the third episode, however; I was hooked. 

No doubt, much like Deadwood, the multitude of story lines have been presented by Milch and crew in the first and second episode.  Let’s see where they take it… assuming the show turns out to be a bomb, let’s hope the two Deadwood movies that were promised are actually produced.


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